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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

...from the sweetest little valentines!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ready for Valentine's Day

Ever since the calendar turned to February, Ellie has been hard at work making valentines. Every single day, Eric, Josie and I find surprise valentines hidden all over the house. It is so sweet! She has gotten very good at knowing where to hide them...mine have been in front of the coffee pot, on my laptop, under my camera- places I see often! She has even gotten as creative as hiding one under the peanut butter jar and another in the refrigerator with the jelly and then asking me all sweetly "Mommy, may I please have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch?" Yesterday, I gathered up all the valentines and spread them out on the floor for a picture. Check out all this sweetness!

Ellie wrote the names of almost everyone she knows on the backs of many of these so be ready to receive an extra special Valentine's wish from Ellie the next time we see you! The mailed ones are going to be a little late...sorry. :)

Hope everyone has a happy Love Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

This morning we walked outside to the most beautiful winter wonderland! The camera could not possibly do it was breathtaking! We were so lucky to even see it, as the ice was all melted not even 30 minutes later. Mornings like these make winter worth freezing through!

views from porch (click to see full screen)

weeping cherry in back yard

ice crystals

Ellie's home-made bird feeder

close up

Ellie and Josie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Theater Classes and Play

I know I am way, way behind on this blog...we have been BUSY! In addition to everything we already do, Ellie has been taking those theater classes that she won at the Wizard of Oz play. We originally thought we were going to have to wait until spring, but her teacher called and said there was an opening in the winter class and wanted to know if we were interested. The only thing, is that the winter session is two days a week vs. one in the spring. So, for the last 5 weeks, Ellie had theater class every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-5. She LOVED them! One the last day, the parents were invited to come in and watch little plays they performed in groups of twos. Ellie's part was a mouse from the fable "The Lion and the Mouse". She did great!

A copy of her lines... They were not all that simple for a 5-year-old but she had them memorized in one day!

Not only did she memorize her lines, but she memorized the WHOLE thing. Here she is doing all the parts:

The play. She got a little intimidated by the Lion who was in costume for the first time...

The finale.


Ellie and her awesome teacher Miss Holly.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wizard of Oz Play

On New Year's Day, Ellie, Josie. Eric and I, along with 6 more of our family members, all attended the play The Wizard of Oz at The Civic Theater. This is the same play that Ellie had so much fun getting to see all the behind the scenes things to while on her preschool field trip in November. It was such a perfect first play experience for our future actress Ellie!

No pictures were allowed during the actual play but here are a few from before, intermission and after...

Ellie before the show. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the only night that included audience participation so Ellie got to dress as Glinda the Good Witch. We all also got goody bags that had items to use during the show including bubbles to blow whenever Glinda appeared on stage. Ellie was already trying them out!

Before the show all dressed up audience members got to enter a costume contest and walk across the stage in front of 400 people! We had no idea it was going to be like this or we might have tried to get Ellie (and her cousins) an official Wizard the Oz costume instead of the Barbie princess dress she wore!

Regardless, Ellie still got to be one of the three children's finalists and got called back up on stage during intermission!! Here she even got to tell her name into the microphone.

The super cute Tin Man won but, just for being a finalist, Ellie won a free session of classes at the Civic Theater. These were the same classes that we were already considering signing her up for in the spring so this was a HUGE blessing to now be able to do them for free! (They cost $125 which is exactly what the prize she won will cover.)

After the show, Ellie and her cousins got to meet all of the cast!

Ellie and Glinda

Sara and Dorothy.

Sara's doll was dressed in her Dorothy costume, too, and the "real" Dorothy loved it! (We were hoping Sara could enter the contest with her doll but, unfortunately, it didn't work out...)

Ellie and the Wizard.

Sara and the Wicked Witch.

Ellie and the Scarecrow.

Sara and the Tin Man.

Both girls with the Cowardly Lion.

This was such a great play and has only fueled the stage performing spark for Ellie that began on her field trip to the theater. She is so excited to start her classes!!!

And here is just a cute little bonus video of Josie getting into the Wizard of Oz spirit right before we left for the play.
(Josie, by the way, did great for the 3 hour play! She just kept going back and forth between all of our family members and I caught her being completely enthralled with the play several times!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catching Up

I have fallen way behind on posts. I have so much to share but will start with just a few pictures and videos to try and catch up a little!


Chef Eric and Chef Ellie prepared this delicious vegan feast for us to enjoy on Thanksgiving!

Christmas Fun

Santa visit

Christmas card picture

Christmas slide at the Children's Museum

Santa at the CM

making cookies

singing carols with friends

Christmas dance recital


Ellie's new best friend.

Josie opening a favorite ball, Ellie with her new laptop, and Charlie dog happy with a new bone!

"Handy Ellie" already making a birdhouse with her new tool set from Santa.

Ellie's new "monster feet" and Josie's new piano.


LOVE this random picture!

Ellie's Birthday

Ellie turned FIVE on the 28th. I can't believe it! The main thing she wanted to do for her b-day was go sledding so we braved the freezing cold and went for it.

We lasted about 15 min but Ellie was happy!

Ellie with the cake she made and decorated herself. She is such a big girl now!

I hope everyone has had as much fun this holiday season as we have! It really has been a blur of activities but we feel so blessed to have so many fun things to do and so much wonderful family and friends to celebrate with! I have many more pictures and videos to go through so check back for more cuteness coming soon! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Field Trip (Civic Theater)

Ellie got to go on her very first ever school field trip last Wednesday! And, thanks to Eric staying home with Josie, I was lucky enough to be able to go with her. It was to the Indianapolis Civic Theater and it was so awesome!! Ellie got to stand in line at the box office by herself and purchase her own "ticket" (with a penny)

and then find her own seat in the theater.

Then the director taught her and her classmates all about the theater and acting and then they got to go on stage and even backstage.

The best part for me, though, was when we got to see the costume area in the basement. The theater is currently preparing to put on the Wizard of Oz and so we got to see all the AMAZING costumes! In fact, Glinda the Good Witch's dress was being sewn right before our eyes!

We also got to see all the munchkin outfits (that will be worn by 40 children in the play), the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and both of Dorothy's dresses (one black and white for the beginning of the play
and the other for when it turns into color). It was so neat!

After our backstage tour, the kids all got to go back onstage to try a little acting and, I'm telling you, I think Ellie has found her calling. She just beamed the whole time up there and really lit up the stage. She had so much fun and it was so neat for me to witness her discovering something she really loved doing! They do offer classes there for preschoolers in the spring so hopefully it will work out for Ellie to be able to do them!

Here's a few pictures and video from when they were learning about the stage and theater.


Ellie doing a little acting exercise.